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Large flower bloom with a rich blue pollen center and ombre petals stretching from magenta through red, orange and yellow, with dew drops sprinkled all about the bloom.


My Mission

Welcome to my little corner of love!


This website will grow to include more services and new classes, all of which contribute to increasing higher vibrational energy in our physical world.


I'll use these services to help people in any of the many chapters of life we all come through, in our own way and our own timing. So whether or not you know that you have your own intuitive gifts, whether you're current obstacles, curiosities, struggles or anticipations are something aligned to career, relationships, loss, soul callings or any other life circumstances that you need clarity on, I am here to be of service.


All of these are pathways and instruments to encourage us into higher vibrational living and a greater return to self as the truly beautiful, unique expressions of Divine Love Consciousness made flesh, each and every one of us have been gifted to be. 

If you are wondering what I mean when I say, Divine Love Consciousness, I am speaking of The All That Is, Our Infinite Oneness, God, The Universe, and the many other names by which it is recognized by the soul and/or culturally identified. 

Much of what I do is not something I believe to belong only to a few, only accessible by birth right, but instead something I believe is possible for all of us in our unique manifestations. I do my best to help my clients get in touch with their light, their guides, and the flow of Divine Love Consciousness that exists in Everything, Everywhere, At All Times, All At Once, Infinitely.


This way my clients can begin to trust their own connection, which will further empower them on their overall paths of healing, growth, and return to self! 

My Path to Here


I've been a healer and intuitive empath, amongst other things, all of my life. Much like any of you, I had my own journeys of separation from my inner truth and finding the road back to me. 


 I began an exploration of my psychic abilities at the age of 13. Finding enough faith to believe in what I already felt stirring inside of me, over the years, I sought out mentors, community, books, experiences and internet resources that could teach me how to tap into my gifts, help them blossom and use them intentionally.


I strengthened my multiple psychic senses, developed connections with my Spirit Guides, Divine Entities, Angels, Faeries, Animals, Trees, Crystals, Elements and Ancestors amongst so much more. I found myself more in tune with Oracle Cards which became my Primary Tool for Readings, but now I can also hold Readings without added tools


One night, when I was 20 years old, lying in bed the summer after my freshman year of college, I started experiencing massive charges of energy rolling through my body. I felt like so much electricity was humming through me that I could've powered my whole apartment! 😄


 This was my first reawakening, I consider my experiences in childhood to have been the original awakening. (I would later experience this same sensation while receiving my Reiki Attunements during my training at the age of 23, and would come to recognize it as energy shifting/expanding/acclimating/activating downloads from Divine Love Consciousness. Years after that, I would start to experience this far more frequently, as I'd willfully entered multiple stages of shedding and Spiritual Growth for the sake of my soul calling to heal myself and facilitate healing for others). 


But in the time of the first download, I'd begun accessing the ability to send a tingling warm energy out from my hands. My healing hands had been awakened, along with more psychic dreams full of messages from my guides, and other beautiful gifts of affirmation and alignment to my soul calling. I have spent the past 23 years of my life honing my soul instrument, learning different energy healing modalities, personally healing, growing, and releasing so that I could be of service to those that need me.  The services I offer here are just a few ways in which I can do that. 

Because I know the human condition of suffering, of struggling to trust and accept all of myself (even when I was actively pursuing my light), of being ruled by the mind, of believing in the idea of separateness, of the constant urge to please people, seeking external validation and becoming overruled by the world's invalidating thinking, of survival driven attitudes and behaviors that do not serve the light that lives in all of us... Because of all of these things, I am now primed to meet you on your journey with compassion and relay messages to help you along your path and facilitate healing. 


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