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Welcome Lovies!

I am currently offering

One Hour and 30 Minute Readings and Long Distance Healings 

Group Meditation Circles Every Saturday (Zoom)

Other services to come include:


  • Group Reading Events

  • Prerecorded Classes

  • Private Group and One on One Guided Meditations 


Oracle cards and rose quartz

 Psychic Reading
(1 Hr,  30 Min)

I will use tools that may include oracle decks, my own innate connection to Divine Love Consciousness, crystals, and any of my multiple intuitive senses to commune with my Spirit Guides and Yours during the reading. ​ While some messages may be uncomfortable to hear and sit in awareness with, please, keep in mind all messages are in service to your own great unfurling back into your whole self and vibrating in greater conscious presence with what I refer to as Divine Love Consciousness (known by many names such as Universe, God, Oneness, etc.) ​ These messages can be in reference to outer connections such as relationships (romantic, friendship, family, work, shared living), struggles or obstacles in your business, particular circumstances that need your attention to tend or let go, or most importantly the root of all interactions, your own inner relationships with self and mind sets that are the foundations to everything you experience in your life. That is where the real work is and that is where the most abundant, nourishing fruit of your life grows from.  Through the Zoom call you will have the opportunity to connect with me face to face, see the visuals of any oracle cards pulled and have your reading recorded and emailed to you. This way, if you miss anything or forget details you can refer to the recording for as long as you'd like. ​ (I recommend that you contemplate any specific questions you'd like to ask or any specific areas of your life you would like insight on ahead of time, this can help ensure your session time be used to it's full capacity.)

healing hands flooded with warm golden light flowing out in streams and sparkles of white and gold

Long Distance Energy Healing 
(30 Min or 1 Hr)

This long distance energy healing is a uniquely formed healing experience designed to clear blockages within your energy body, unknot and unbind attachments and old energies that are no longer serving you, open your energy to be able to receive more Divine Love and anchor newly chosen weavings of light to uniquely support you on your own Divine Path. No matter how far apart we are, this healing will reach you in real time. So it's important that you book a time slot when you can have privacy, calm, and time available to be present with the healing and can be gentle with yourself for a minimum of a few hours following the healing. I've found that 30 minutes is often MORE than enough for this healing, due to the sheer capacity for most persons ability to tolerate the process without getting too overwhelmed, even for seasoned light workers and persons who've received other energy healings before. If you aren't sure which length is right for you, start with this 30 minute session and if you need more, you can follow up with a second 30 minute session at a later date. However, if you sense that you are suppose to get the one hour healing and have had energy healings before, go ahead and book that session instead or feel free to consult with me via email at for my intuitive suggestion. Be sure to drink water and mind the energies you're consuming or holding space after our session. (Music, Movies, Tv, News, Social Media, Other People, Foods, even what you are reading) If any of these things are tumultuous, chaotic, fast paced, frantic, anxious, angry, sorrowful, desperate, violent, aggressive in presence or volume, I would advice taking time and space away from them (if it is within your control) at least the day of the healing, so as not to undo or slow the energy work effects, as the light work will continue to settle in and integrate over the course of several days.

Please Note:

If you are based outside of my Pacific Standard Time Zone, and my available booking hours don't work for you, fill out the contact form on my Home Page or email me directly at

with suggested dates and times. I can work with you to find a time that fits and schedule your session via invoice.



While they may share some basic similarities, each meditation will be different. I always work with Divine and My Spirit Guides to structure the meditation based on what is most needed at that time and the group I'll be guiding. Why is it Live? Because the meditations I provide are magical experiences that offer great spiritual healing benefit, as well as transformative benefits. The experience can be even greater when multiple people are holding energetic space with one another, because each and every one of us are amplifiers. I may offer Pre-Recorded Meditations further in to 2024 ( Because sometimes it's the only way for you to access the opportunity and I understand the convenience of it.) My meditations require the active participation of the mind, heart and soul energy body. And much of what you learn from them, you can grow to be able to do on your own without a voice guiding you through. *This Does Require Zoom* : Things you could expect : ~ Intentional and Personal Visualizations ~ Grounding ~ Energy Work ~ Working with Spirit Guides ie) Ascended Masters, Divine, Spirit Animals, Faerie Beings, Celestial Beings, Angels, and Ancestors ~ Working with Crystals ~ Stillness ~ Allowing energy that stirs movement in your body to flow freely, giving yourself grace for those needs to shift or move body parts. ~ Breathe Work : Things to help you prepare : (Not required, but can make all the difference) ~ Wear comfortable clothing ~ Choose as calm and relaxing a space and position as possible that also has strong signal. (Quiet Room, Adjustable Lighting, Lying Down, Sitting on the Floor or a Chair) ~ Water ~ Your own crystals (if you'd like) ~ Smudge yourself and your space with sage or palo Santo in either liquid or smoke form

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Two Card Readings (Group)

Join me for an evening of Two Card Mini Readings. Everyone will get two cards pulled whether you have a specific question or you're unsure of what to ask. Remember this general rule of group readings, even if it's someone else's reading and you are called to be present, it's also a message for you. That means for each person in the group that gets a reading, you are getting an extra message. Also remember, the key word mini, it's important that I honor the amount of time available for everyone who attends. I occasionally do live free general readings on my Instagram page that post as reels after. @888deonnanichole you could find more general insight there or you are welcome to book a private reading with me. I opened this event for those who aren't able to book my full service readings or simply aren't sure if I'm worth it, come see for yourself! Everything is hosted through Zoom and I ask that everyone remain respectful of each other's readings and privacy. I will not be recording group readings unless I get consent from all participants. *The event length is approximate, we might wrap up sooner or later depending on how many people join and the flow of Divine's Messages. But I will do my best to keep it inside the 1.5 hrs.

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